Sniper Rules

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Sniper Rules

Post  Butcher on Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:23 pm

In game rules
- no cheats [wallhack, aimbot, gunhack, colored models, mods not supported by demobase,...]
- only use sniper [no other weapons are tollerated]
- blue side goes main-west [do not go further than the small garbage can]
- red side goes main-east [do not go further than the grey desks-chairs]
- no boxing [camping behind the green box]
- no glitching [leaning behind an object and shoot]
- no double sniffing [jumping behind an object and shoot]
- walk [walk out so you are fully visible]

War rules
- in game rules [cf. above]
- server settings [cf. below]
- always record [g_synchronousclients 1, record, g_synchronousclients 0]
- 2x10 [play first side till one of the clans reaches 10, then change side and do the same]
- 1v1-4v4 [4 players is the maximum for one side]
- ip check [rcon status, screenshot]
- max_ping 250 [players with ping higher than 250 can be refused to play]
- pauzes [the opposite clan can ask for a pauze of max 5 mins]

If a clan breaks one of these rules, the opposite clan can request a 20-0

Server settings
dmflags 15
g_allowvote 0
g_availableweapons 2222222222211
sv_floodprotect 1
g_followenemy 0
g_forcefollow 1
g_friendlyfire 0
g_gametype elim
g_gravity 800
g_inactivity 0
g_knockback 700
g_roundstartdelay 3
g_roundtimelimit 3
g_speed 390
sv_floodprotect 1
sv_maxping 250
sv_minping 0
sv_pure 1
sv_reconnectlimit 3
teamlimit 10
timelimit 0


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