Specific Rules

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Specific Rules

Post  Butcher on Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:14 pm

- Sniper Rules: http://sniperbase.userboard.net/general-talk-f1/sniper-rules-t5.htm
- Sniper Cup Rules: http://sniperbase.userboard.net/general-talk-f1/sniper-cup-rules-t14.htm

- Specific Rules:
  • all matches will be played 3v3
  • max amount of registered players per team is 4
  • after the first match of the cup has taken place, clans cannot add new members to their registered lineups
  • you must take @check screenshot before the match to show all 6 players using fairplay and so we can confirm guids
  • admins are not required until quarter finals, semi finals and the grand finals


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