Sniper Cup Rules

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Sniper Cup Rules

Post  Butcher on Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:52 pm

- Everyone must record.
- Everyone must use Fairplay Anticheat. It is the responsibility of both clans to check this and notify each other if there are any problems.
- If any player has knockback then he should inform the admin(if there is no admin, inform the other team) and at the start of the next round pause the game and do a /vid_restart to fix the bug.
- If a player lags out during a cupwar, he may return to the war(providing he still has fairplay and remembers to record again - fairplay screenshot is required to prove he still has fp).
- If a player lags out and doesn't come back, the war must continue with 1 clan missing a player, i.e. 2vs3.
- During the match, both clans must take screenshots of the scores from both sides and take a fairplay screenshot(checklist) at the beginning of both sides.

Cupwar Arranging
- If the cup requires that an admin spectate every match, then clans must have an authorised admin spectating their match for it to be valid.
- Clans must arrange dates for clanwars themselves, if they don't play before the deadline they may receive a "double forfeit" or 1 clan may win by forfeit if the other clan doesn't show up or doesn't make an effort to arrange a date.
- The default time and day for cupwars is 21.00GMT+1 on the last Sunday of the match week.
- If a clan dies during the cup and choses not to continue, they will lose all wars 20-0, and previously played wars may be changed to 20-0 loses aswell.

Before The War
- Cupwars must be played at the agreed time, or the default time.
- Clans are allowed up to 15 minutes to get all players on the match server(i.e. they have until 21.15GMT+1 on default match times)
- A knife round in main will be played to decide what sides the clans start on. The clan which wins the knife round gets to decide which side they start on.
*if both clans agree you can skip the knife round*
- The cupwar has officially started after the knife round is finished, so if any clan leaves after it they will lose by forfeit.

- Players are advised to use the name they registered with, and must make sure there Fairplay Guid is correct(according to the clans registered players list) BEFORE the war.
- Any player found to be faking someone else or using the wrong Fairplay Guid(according to the clans registered players list) will be punished by a match ban and the clan he played with will lose the war by forfeit 20-0.
- Players are only permitted to play for 1 clan during the cup.
- Clans may add up to 2 new players to their signed up players list during the cup, provided the new players have not already participated in the cup with another clan(played 1 or more war).
- Any player caught playing for 2 clans will be banned for the duration of the cup.

Breaking any rules above can result in player bans, match bans, match forfeits & match replays.

These rules may be changed at any time without any notice.


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